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ACKS Toolkit

Page history last edited by Aryx 8 years, 6 months ago

ACKS Toolkit.zip



The toolkit is written in C# and requires some version (probably the newest version) of the .NET framework for Windows.  It will not work for any other operating system.



The program currently supports:

In the Dungeon tab
- All levels, any number of rooms.
-Custom encounter tables by modifying the files in /Resources/Dungeon

Note that hitting Generate in the dungeon tab wipes the file before generating. If you want to make more than one dungeon, copy or rename the file before generating the next one.

In the Treasure tab
-All treasure types
-Dark Sun armor generation checkbox
-The 'append to file' checkbox also works, I note.

In the Wilderness tab
-All terrain types
-All encounters that actually have ACKS stats
Hit Generate and out comes a random wilderness encounter for your terrain based on the tables found in the text files.

In the Monster tab
-Any terrain and monster type that is supported elsewhere, including any custom monsters or terrain types that have been properly added.


In the D@W Standard tab

-Standard units consisting of a homogenous kind of creature, not mounted on anything.


The UI is extremely simple because I hate UIs. You tell it what to do and how many times, and it does it, writes it to a file, and pops open the file.


In the Demand tab

Demand modifiers in a vacuum.  No trade routes.

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